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Yapı, İnşaat Malzemeleri ve Teknolojileri Fuarı

Yapı Fuarı - Turkeybuild Ankara
Ankara, Türkiye, Congresium, ATO Kongre ve Sergi Sarayı

29. Yapı Fuarı-Turkeybuild Ankara 2016 Katılımcı Listesi

YAPI - TURKEYBUILD EXHIBITIONS are international BUILDING MATERIALS and TECHNOLOGIES summit, which provides world standard services, by courtesy of its exhibition areas, its products and services, and its domestic and foreign exhibitors, all of which expand, grow and increase year by year since 1978.

YAPI - TURKEYBUILD is held by YEM EXHIBITIONS, as the Turkish enterprise of ITE GROUP PLC

ITE Group Plc. organizes more than 240 exhibitions and conferences per year worldwide with 31 offices in 17 countries and more than 1.000 experienced personnel. YEM Exhibition with 39 years? experience and ITE Group PLC combine strong global network under one roof and contribute creating new business opportunities for exhibitors and sector. Through this cooperation, today YEM EXHIBITIONS is among the strongest exhibition organizers of the region.

YEM EXHIBITIONS, with its YAPI - TURKEYBUILD, which are held in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir, provides service to the Balkans, Northern Africa, Middle East and Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) geographical area, which also includes Turkey. YEM EXHIBITIONS, which successfully hosts huge sectoral meetings every year, is labeled as the strongest exhibition organization company of the building sector, due to the region it covers and the content it offers.


It attracts the world's attention to Turkey!

In addition to offering the opportunity to display and follow the latest products and services of the region's building sector, the exhibitions also come into the forefront as a "Business Development Platform".  YAPI - TURKEYBUILD Exhibitions are supported with activities whose content grow richer every year, in order for the creation of new markets for the sector, and provision of commercial benefit to the sector and the country. 


Long-lasting projects increase the regional strength...

Professional and social organizations held concerning different subjects, the "Guest Country" projects, and Golden Plumb "Building Product Award" and Golden Magnet "Best Stand Design Award" which were held for many years and have become among the corporate reputation tools of the building sector, are just some of these efforts. The most concrete examples of the above mentioned are the "Guest Country Russia" project, which was a first, and was held in 2011, the "Guest Country Germany" project, which was held in 2012, the "Guest Country Azerbaijan" project, which was held in 2013, "Guest Country South Korea? in 2014 and "Guest Country Kazakhstan? in 2015.

YAPI - TURKEYBUILD contributes, with its content, to Turkish building sector in becoming a rising star in the world. By courtesy of international cooperation it conducts, it acts as an intermediary in the transfer of worldwide knowledge and business opportunities to the region.

YEM EXHIBITIONS, which continues strategic cooperation with the most renowned exhibitions of the sector such as BAU and Mosbuild, provides advantage in bringing a broad mass, from the producer to the final user, together, for the purpose of developing export-focused projects and creating competitive strategies on a company basis perspective. 


We hope to meet you at the most important business summit of the building sector of Turkey and the region...


18th YAPI - TURKEYBUILD Izmir 2012
25th YAPI - TURKEYBUILD Ankara 2012
35th YAPI - TURKEYBUILD Istanbul 2012
YEM Exhibitions a member of Türkiye İMSAD, Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers